Who Pays the Tow Bill?

Who Pays the Tow Bill?

If your vehicle is deemed not safe to drive at the scene, most police officers will arrange for your vehicle to be towed to local tow facility that is contracted by the town.

Once you have the name and phone number of the other facility, you will need to contact them to inform them that you would like to release your vehicle to Collex Collision.

We will then contact that other company to arrange to have the vehicle towed to our facility.  Any charges that are assessed by the other company, along with the fee to tow the vehicle here, will be paid up front by Collex.

We will include any fees paid up front by us on the final estimate presented to your insurance company who will reimburse us.

Of course, should you need assistance with tow bills feel free to contact us at 732.741.2480.

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