…Collex Collision Experts is proud of our environmental successes and leadership in the auto body industry. Most recently we partnered with our paint manufacturing company, AkzoNobel Coatings, and set an example as an early adaptor of waterborne paint in our area – long before it will be required by law. AkzoNobel’s Autowave is a superior paint product that is much more environmentally friendly. It contains less VOC (volatile organic compounds) emissions and therefore is less harmful to the environment. The product produces a beautiful, long lasting finish and we continue to offer a lifetime guarantee and feel better knowing we’re doing something proactive for the future of our environment.

To do this, it required significant investments in equipment and training – we upgraded our paint booths to provide the greater air flow necessary for drying and sent both lead painters for days of hands-on and classroom training.

At Collex we continue to make investments to be a leader in the auto body industry. In 2008 we invested in a water recycling system for washing and detailing customer vehicles and utilize a biodegradable non-phosphate car wash soap. So not only do we have customers exclaiming how wonderful their car looks upon completion of repairs, we can feel good about how we do it!

Similarly, we proactively contacted Shrewsbury Township and vendors and developed processes to recycle most of our materials:

  • cardboard
  • sheet metal
  • plactic
  • batteries
  • radiators
  • a/c condensers
  • anti-freeze
  • oil
  • a/c refrigerant
  • paint thinner
  • waste paint
  • wheels
  • bumpers
  • aluminum
  • recyclable printer cartridges
  • plastic bottle and aluminum can recycling
  • paper

Over the years we have championed several eco-friendly methods:

  • Triple-filter downdraft paint booths
  • Reconditioned bumper covers
  • Energy efficient shop lighting
  • High volume low pressure (HVLP) paint gun for efficient paint application
  • Computerized paint measuring (means significantly less waste!)