Know Your Rights

Know Your Rights

We understand insurance companies are putting pressure on customers to use a shop that participates with their “repair program”. And we would like to address this and answer some questions you might have. We happen to be on 10 of the largest insurance company “repair programs” (DRP – Direct Repair Programs) in New Jersey and benefit from the business it generates. However, we also feel shops should continue to earn their business by investing in the proper training for their people, technology and service that we feel separates us from a lot of other shops in the state. We’ll leave the choice of choosing a shop up to you – but here are some facts you should know about your rights:

New Jersey State regulations mandate that you have the right to have your vehicle repaired at the shop of your own choice.

New Jersey Administrative Code Title 11. Department of Banking and Insurance Division of Insurance. Chapter 3. Automobile Insurance. Subchapter 10. Auto Physical Damage Claims states
“the insured may use any repair facility of his or her own choice… The insurer must make all reasonable efforts to obtain an agreed price with the facility selected by the insured.”

To connect to the State’s web site and read the actual text, click here.

The insurance company will pay for additional or “supplemental” damages repaired by the shop of your choice.

You may already have an estimate from an insurance company or an estimate written by a different shop and believe the insurance company will pay no more than this original estimated amount. Not true. The insurance company must pay the amount necessary to repair a vehicle properly – an estimate is just that: an estimate of what may be wrong. Once a vehicle is disassembled at the start of a repair, a reputable shop will then be able to more accurately capture all of the damage. Any additional damage discovered in this process is called a “supplement”. Supplements occur on most repairs and it is an everyday procedure to work with the insurance company to have this added to the amount of the repair. We have extensive experience with every insurance company in New Jersey and have internal processes to document, photograph and insure that we have agreement with the insurance company to pay for your repair – including any supplemental damages.

The repairs on your car will have a lifetime guarantee.

Some insurance companies try to scare customers away from using shops which are not on their repair program – one tactic is to suggest you won’t get a lifetime guarantee. Since 1977, Collex has offered a lifetime guarantee on all of our work. For several insurance companies, we have been the shop of choice to redo or correct issues that they have guaranteed through other shops – a vote of confidence for our skills and capabilities.

The repairs on your car will not take longer and Collex will deliver on time.

Another way in which insurance companies try to intimidate consumers is to suggest that the repair will take longer if done at a shop outside of their program. If you choose Collex to repair your vehicle – this is simply not true. Between our relationship with each insurance company in the state and our focus on efficient processes throughout our operations, we will have your car back to you quickly and on time. This is a point of pride for our team, and we put our efficiencies up against the best shops in the country. To see our latest Customer Satisfaction numbers gathered by an independent survey company, please click here.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. We’re biased and work very hard at being the most comfortable and sought after auto body capability in the State of New Jersey. Each of us at Collex feel our people, technology, processes and overall service is your best solution.