I Just Got in an Accident….What Do I Do Now??

I Just Got in an Accident….What Do I Do Now??

First, we hope that everyone is ok.  Getting into an accident can be stressful and traumatic.  We understand that at Collex.  Here is a small check list to help assist you through the process.  Of course, should you have any additional questions, feel free to call us.  We are here to help!

If your vehicle is not safe to drive and it was towed from scene, you can follow the list below to get started with the insurance company.  You will need to contact the facility that is storing your vehicle to let them know that you are releasing it to Collex.  Once you have done that, give Collex Collision Experts a call and we will arrange to pick up your vehicle.  You can then follow the list below to initiate your claim with the insurance company.

If you were at fault for the accident, and carry collision coverage, contact your insurance carrier using the telephone number provided on the back side of your insurance card

  • Have your insurance card available as you will need to provide them with your policy number and your VIN    number
  • The representative will ask questions surrounding the accident.  Date, location, other people involved, what was done to avoid the accident
  • You will then be provided with a claim number.  Keep this handy as you will need to provide us with that when you come in for your estimate
  • The availability of a rental vehicle will depend on whether you have that coverage on your policy.  You can ask the representative when calling in your claim
  • Many insurance companies have relationships with shops.  They will suggest the names of the shops that they are affiliated with.  Collex has relationships with 12 of the top insurance companies in NJ.  There are a few that we are not, but we will negotiate with them to ensure your vehicle is repaired properly.

If you were not at fault for the accident, there are 2 different options:

  • You can call the claim into your insurance company and follow the above.  This option will allow for your vehicle to be repaired much quicker, but you will be responsible for your deductible.

If you do not carry Collision coverage on your policy, this is not an option for you.

  • The second option would be to wait for the police report to call the claim into the other carrier. (This means that you are a claimant, you will not be responsible for a deductible and you will be entitled to a rental vehicle)
  • Once you get the police report, there will be an insurance code by the other person’s information.  You can        either call Collex or come down to the office and we can “decode” it for you.
  • You will then have to call that company to initiate a new claim against that person. (Depending on whether theother person had already called the claim in or not will depend on the time frame it will take forthem to accept liability.)
  • The state of NJ gives insurance carriers 45 days from the day the claim is initiated to settle liability investigations.
  • During the investigation they will need to make contact with the at fault party to get their side of the story.

They will also need written statements from both parties.

Come into Collex Collision Experts for your estimate.  Don’t forget to bring your claim number!

Regardless of how you chose to proceed, Collex is here to help you through every step of the process.  Should you decided to go through the 3rd party carrier, just give us the claim number and will be do all of the follow up necessary to push the investigation along.