Collex Contactless Repair

Call Collex at 732-741-2480, text us at 732-526-2400 or click on Request an Estimate’ on our website to request a remote estimate or schedule an appointment.

Information is taken over the phone and during estimate, we gain a clear understanding of how we can help you.


We will email estimate and can communicate remotely to answer questions, schedule work and have necessary documents signed via DocuSign.

Night drop or ‘key container’ removes interaction at drop-off.  Before repairs and delivery we use our Disinfecting Process.


Collex will text and call with updates on your vehicle!

For any money you may owe, we will discuss remote payment options—we can send you an invite to pay online or phone.


Your vehicle and keys, both cleaned and disinfectant applied, will be parked at Collex with paperwork inside!

Though not our normal “comfortable” approach, our Lifetime Guarantee stays exactly the same. We’ve been here and will CONTINUE to be here! Call us with any issues!