Auto Body Repairs – VW Certified Collision Training

Auto Body Repairs – VW Certified Collision Training

Training, training, training!  It’s not your brother’s Chevy anymore and this absolutely affects auto body repair!

Driving up from Dulles, Virginia recently, I was happy with the trip.  One of our Collex auto body Metal Techs was still attending a class in Virginia and I had just gone down to see the new Volkswagen training facility and speak with their instructors.  In a nutshell, VW’s facility is a healthy addition to our ability to stay up with all the changes in the auto body industry.  Why our focus on training and education?  Look at some of the recent (and ongoing!) changes in autos:

  • advances in automotive materials
    • high strength steels
    • composite materials
    • increase use of aluminum
    • increase use of carbon fiber
  • vast increase in automotive electronics and computers
  • collision avoidance technologies
  • safety designs and repair methodologies

Through I-CAR training, manufacturer specific training and internet-based offerings, we continue to invest so that our Collex auto body technicians stay current on repairing vehicles the proper way.  And that means safe repairs.

By Mike Grant