Check out the newest edition of our newsletter….”Collex Connection”

Check out the newest edition of our newsletter….”Collex Connection”

Welcome to the “Collex Connection”
Our way of keeping in touch with our customers and providing automotive insight and fun on a quarterly basis.

We have found over the years that an accident and process following it can be stressful for most people.  Starting next issue, we are going to feature a frequently asked question with a comprehensive answer.
Have a question about auto body, insurance companies, police reports or anything relating to a car accident?   Send us an email and maybe your question will be featured in the next issue!

Has Collex repaired your vehicle and provided you with outstanding service?
Tell us about it …
Welcome to the “Collex Connection”
Our way of keeping in touch with our customers and providing automotive insight and fun on a quarterly basis.
Holy Moly…my 30th high school reunion is coming up.  Getting ready for work, my mind blinks through various folks from grammar and high school..people that I haven’t spoke to in…well, thirty years.  There is still a connection though, and showering myself clean I ponder what I might say…with ‘Rosalita’ blaring in the background, perhaps I’ll say, “our paths have gone their interesting ways, yet those younger and more innocent moments we shared – moments of grace, moments of joy – are memories that cannot be taken away – thanks, and it’s good to see you”.  Or maybe I’ll just think it.
Watching my 6 year old daughter, I happily register her simple joys – successfully reading a tricky word, rocking out to Selena Gomez, playing tag with friends or cuddling up with Mom and Dad.  And I compare that with my thoughts of…oh I don’t know, taxes, the upcoming election, hopefully getting a work-out in, opportunities at work….hmmmm.
Well, those memories of grace and joy are still there.  And along with my daughter, they remind me to keep ‘the eye of the child’ alive – the ability to play, to feel joy and wonder.  Even at work – it’s still there.  It’s a choice point.   Everyday.
See you next quarter, and in the mean time, play hard…


Fall Driving Tips
Fall is arguably one of the most beautiful times of the year.  But along with the changing leaves comes changing driving conditions.  What should you do to prepare for the new season…

1.  Steer Clear of Wet Leaves
The fall foilage is beautiful, as long as it stays on the trees.  Once those leaves start fallingand get wet from rain they can become a serious driving hazard.

2.  Make Adjustments for the Light
We lost a minute of daylight every day until the clocks are set back in October.  Shorter days mean shorter light, making it more difficult to see pedestrians, cyclists and children playing in the late afternoon.  On the flip-side, later sunrises mean drivers need to adjust for brighter sun at different times in the morning.

3.  Watch for Frost
Dipping nighttime temperatures bring frost to windshields and roads. Use caution when approaching bridges and overpasses; open surfaces are more prone to collect frost.  Keep alert for shaded areas that could create black ice during early morning and evening hours.

4. Fog
Usually found in low places or areas surrounded by trees, fog is statistically the single most dangerous condition a driver can encounter.  When encountering fog, even just a small foggy patch, slow down. Turn on low beams or fog lights to increase visibility.

Customer Comments
We love to hear feedback from our customers.  Keep ’em coming!Here are a few of our favorites from this month!

The service your comapny gave me a was remarkable.  You put me at ease regarding my accident and took care of all of my matters including – insurance, rental car and repairs.  Thank you for treating me like family!  You deserve a raise. – Connie S.

Thank you for making this horrible experience so easy!  I feel like I’m driving a brand new car!  You will be highly recommended by me. – Kathy D.

Collex has never let me down.  I am a repeat customer and actually would never consider going anywhere else.  Collex has always gone above and beyond. – Sean E.

Thanks once again for the excellent service – the car was repaired on-time just like new.  We fully appreciated the update phone calls.  Your staff was very knowledgable, friendly and courteous.  It was a stress-free process for us!  We got a laugh out of the email describing the Town Car’s experience in the repair shop :).  John and Anna P.




 As a local company, we work hard to make a not-so-fun experience as smooth and pleasant as possible.  We know folks in our community don’t want to visit Collex! Yet we depend on you to recommend our service expertise to a friend, family member or co-worker who might be in need.  Tell them about Collex – a comfortable solution to an uncomfortable situation.  We continue to improve and will make sure your referral was well deserved!